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I ran my first 5k on 6/2!  It was awesome and fun.  Almost 4k women came to run around Washington Park in the rain.  Big fun!  I found out that my fitness goals work better for me if I keep them short and concrete. Soo…now I am looking for a new goal.

I have found out that I gain muscle pretty easy but since I’m not a guy and I want to run, bulking up in not in my best interest.  I liked lifting heavy weights :(  I chose for my next goal: an 8k uphill mountain race at Whiteface in September.  That gives me 3 months to train.  My plan B is the Breast Cancer Run 5k in September. 

I am still struggling with my diet :(  It’s the kid’s fault and my co-workers and…who am I kidding.  I’m not being force fed.  It’s my fault.  My weight is centered around my abdomen and I know that cardio is the way to peel that fat off my mid-section.

I think this is something I can do :)  3 months is a good goal for me and I can remain focused on.

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Whee! Friehofer’s run in 4 days!

This is my first 5k and I’m nervous.  I’m worried about how I will look, I hope I can finish, am I running too hard or not hard enough…argh!  December 2011 I was almost 175 pounds when I decided to get fit.  All the literature says that you should loose 1 to 2 pounds a week…well that didn’t happen for me.  It was hard to accept that at 41, I’m not going to lose weight like a 20-something year old chick..even if I work harder that her.  I made many mistakes like pushing my body too hard and paying for it the next few days, not eating right and pushing my body to starvation mode and not drinking enough water…my God is this important!  Now I’m 156 pounds and 38% body fat.  I can see some of the muscles in my shoulders arms and legs.   I’m more flexible.  I can run a mile and not be winded or feel pain anywhere (in fact it’s my warm up routine)!  I know I have a ways to go but as they say ‘slow and steady wins the race’.  As much as I am not a fan of anything Nike…’Just do it!’

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